Gundam Unicorn – The Second Coming of Char

A whopping eight months after the release of the first episode of Gundam Unicorn entitled Day of the Unicorn comes the second episode entitled – The Second Coming of Char. It has been so long that I had to re-watch some of the happenings of the first episode so my brain could link the happenings of episode 2 correctly but boy was I rewarded with an awesome episode that longtime and newbie Gundam fans alike will surely enjoy.

Long wait between episodes

After blowing up into massive franchise since it’s introduction in the early 1980’s Gundam and having countless spin offs I am not the only one who has noticed that Gundam Unicorn has gone back to it’s roots but just in case there were any doubts The Second Coming of Char erases them completely then cuts you loose as you are forced to wait not one week or one month for a new episode but at four freaking months until episode three gets released. But enough of my ranting lets take a spoiler free (kind of) look at the happenings of the latest episode.

Story coming into its own

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The story of Gundam Unicorn is beginning to take shape and this episode goes a far way by introducing those who might be the main protagonists while fleshing out some back-story on some of the characters and trickling little nuggets that will spur your thoughts and what they mean and whats the next turn the story will take.

The Second Coming of Char?

One of the the new characters introduced is Full Frontal a blond haired mask wearing mobile suit pilot who not only resembles Char Aznable (one of the most recognizable characters from the original Gundam series) but he also shares his nickname and leads the same organization he did – Neo Zeon. Other than a new Char there are a host of other character introductions and I have already started to recognize who the will be the cool people, the boring people and the annoying people.

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High Production Values

The artwork and animation is jaw droppingly (not a word) gorgeous. Put that with A-Grade voice work, music and sound effects and you get an anime with what might be the highest production values I have ever seen and I am beginning to understand why the episodes are so expensive! Looking forward to picking up a boxed set of the entire series when it is complete – however many years it will take. More screens below. Have you seen Episode 2 of Gundam Unicorn yet?


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  1. I love the high production value and amazing voice work but I don’t think I can convince my wallet to part with $50 usd for a 60 minute episode.

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