Operation Visit Japan – October 2010 Report

It has now been 10 months or over 300 days or over 7200 hours or over 432000 minutes since Operation Visit Japan was started ^-^. Fortunately things continue to progress as planned with no unmanageable hiccups appearing so far.

Finally reconnected to the interwebs at work after moving over to a new building last month but it comes at a cost. All the computers have been updated to Windows 7 and have been locked down tight, if I need to update my flash player I have to ask a “network Administrator” for assistance which is uber annoying but I guess the good (I am not one of those) have to suffer for the bad. No streaming my cool new view at work (yet) but will “borrow” an admin account soon and release myself from bondage at the office.

October 2010 Report

$5 dollars in donations via the Chipin widget plus $100 from a super generous and supportive friend who wishes to remain anonymous plus $145 in net advertising revenue for the 3rd quarter of 2010 and the usual $100 from my salary this month adds $350 to the Operation Visit Japan fund in October. Add that to the totals from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September bring the grand total to $2100 or 70% of the $3000 goal! I am now only $55 away from meeting my goal for donations, so if you haven’t donated already please do so soon via the chipin widget below or in the sidebar all you need is a paypal account.

October 2010 Donor List

Christmas carols have taken over the radio already but I foresee a very boring season for me as I continue to focus on saving while hording friends of family for money for Japan  instead of gifts to mark the season.