Zombie VS Japanese kids – Happy Halloween

I have never been much of a Halloween person, something about a day for the dead doesn’t go down too well for a wuss like me who is still having nightmares from that skin ripping scene in the Silent Hill movie not too long ago. Jamaicans are also largely a superstitious bunch, well at least the older folks are as the younger peeps continue to absorb American culture.

Halloween translates to party season now in Jamaica but what about Halloween in Japan? A country that doesn’t need an invitation to dress up into costumes surely will jump at the opportunity to go trick or treating? Trick or treating is so “normal” in Japan they scare their children with zombies! Video embedded below.

hi5 to @dougjumper for tweeting this video many moons ago.


13 thoughts on “Zombie VS Japanese kids – Happy Halloween

  1. I don’t whether to laugh or cry. There’s something just a little too weird with this… and i would imagine that this could only happen in Japan (or perhaps I like to imagine so). I think the little boy did perhaps too well… when they tried to suffocate him with plastic-wrap. Hope that kid isn’t scarred for life over this.

    The only other thing… and I never thought to write these words….ya gotta feel sorry for the zombie!

  2. “Come here… you stupid”
    “I will destroy you!”
    “don’t you dare say that the zombie will get me… you don’t help us at all”
    That kid is my hero

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