Star Driver – First Impressions

The second of the three series on my interesting Fall 2010 anime list after Iron Man to get the first impressions treatment is Star Driver. Star Driver is a mecha, action type anime that looked awesome from the trailers I saw and it is being done by a studio that I liked so not much could go wrong right? Wrong!

Is it just me or does Tauburn look like a female Robot?

Plot Synopsis

An evil organization is hell bend on world domination. There means of doing that is to unseal a mysterious and gigantic humanoid robot in the ruins under a cross-shaped island in the South. They plan to do this by abducting the island’s shrine maidens who are the key to unlocking the mystical robot. They try to abduct one of the maidens named Wako Agemaki only to be thwarted by Takuto Tsunashi who arrives piloting his own robot and thus begins the fight to blah blah blah.

I wish I could kidnap a maiden late at night and drag her back to my lair

A nice cheerful, colorful romp into the anime wilderness

The story of Star Driver is very generic and can be described a nice baked treat with a sweet cream filling and a cherry on top. The animation is top notch, the character designs are well done but watching it for extended periods is a danger to your monitor. It is a great series for those who like nice cheerful, colorful romps into the anime wilderness and maybe I am taking it too serious but man am I disappointed.

who doesn't like meat and potatoes?

Who decides what to call what?

The mecha’s are called “Cybuddys” the protagonists’ organization is called “Order of the Glittering Star Cross” and the hero is called “Galactic Pretty Boy!” I swear I am not making this up. I will not even start on other names like Wako? and Tauburn? o.O

Too bad Halloween was yesterday, I'd love to wear one of these masks

Take that Sailor Moon!

So what if the galactic pretty boy has an entrance that would make Sailor Moon cringe? I’ll try to endure the rest of the series and not judge it too much form the first 3 episodes. Who knows maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Have you seen any episodes of Star Driver? If so what are your thoughts on it?

estrogen overload! Galactic Pretty Boy makes his entrance!