Wafrica – a Fusion of Japan and Africa

Serge Mouangue, a Tokyo-based concept car designer for Nissan with roots in Africa. Kururi, is a kimono maker who for over 15 years has been plying their trade in Tokyo. What do you get when the both of them team up? An African Kimono of course!

I’m a little late in discovering this one as it has been around for a few years but man is it cool! The Wafrica (Africa + “Wa” for Japan) kimonos are handcrafted in an array of African cotton fabrics in prints sourced in markets all over the continent from Nigeria to Senegal. Anybody knows in the Kururi store on Aoyama Dori still displays/sells these kimono? Inspiring quote and video embedded below.

“The connection between two different worlds such as Africa and Japan may be hidden,” he says. “There may be a sea that seems to separate the two places. But we are all connected. There is earth under the sea that links us all, but we can’t always see it. This is a project that tries to show that connection.” – Serge Mouangue

Source – Japan Times
Official Website – Wafrica.jp

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4 thoughts on “Wafrica – a Fusion of Japan and Africa

  1. I read about this a while ago at JapanTimes and I thought it was a interesting concept.
    A have a friend who loves more earthy colors in her kimono so she would love these, I am more into what pattern the kimono has.

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