Sorakara-chan – Tokyo Sky Tree mascot

Tokyo Sky Tree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower under construction in Sumida ward of Tokyo, Japan that is expected to be finished  in December 2011 and officially opened in Spring 2012. It would go against all things Japan if it didn’t have it’s own mascot and so the official mascot for the Tokyo Sky Tree was unveiled recently.

Meet Sorakara-chan, a girl with star-shaped hair who is from a planet called “Tongari”. She scanned the universe one day using her favorite telescope and apparently saw the 634 meter Sky Tree brightly piercing through the clouds, which enabled her to find he way to Japan and visit Tokyo!

Sorakara-chan, literally translates to mean “From the sky-chan” and she was chosen from competition run by Tobu Railway in which 28 advertising companies entered over 65 characters as they vied for the high profile branding opportunity.

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More information

Soraka-chan official site
Wikipedia – Tokyo Sky Tree


5 thoughts on “Sorakara-chan – Tokyo Sky Tree mascot

  1. There has to be somewhere… in all of Japan… that doesn’t have a mascot. I certainly haven’t found it yet. Actually as far as mascots go… sorakara-chan is not that great… I mean, why the star and the telescope?… ok… they’ve got backstory there (from what planet now?) but it seems a little on the convoluted side.

    I guess we know why her official site has to have a feature-length (almost) story on the official site explaining the connection… coz otherwise it just wouldn’t make any sense at all. (by the way, her official site is ONLY in Japanese… so it may not help that much anyhow). Ah, those crazy Japanese!

  2. I agree with AdelaideBen. Lisa Simpson Skygirl is cute but not that awesome as far as mascots go (but Sky Tree isn’t that awesome as far as names go either, imo) An anthropomorphic tower might not be as…creative but I’d like that more =P

  3. Everything. has. a mascot. It’s ridiculous XD It’s cute though, and has a cute story. I’d be interested in seeing the other character submissions.

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