Iron Man Anime – First Impressions

The first anime from my interesting Fall 2010 anime list to get the first impressions treatment is the one I am most excited about Iron man. The super powerful and popular Marvel super hero with a badass personality of non of that “I am a super hero so lets hide my true identity” bullshit. An interesting mixture of reactions to the first 2 episodes I have seen so far.

The anime starts up and gets to the point quickly with Tony Stark arriving in Japan on the back of his plan to set up a station that will provide clean, free and renewable energy for all which means less fighting over what little energy we have left. Japan is peaceful and stable so Mr Stark thinks it’s a prime location for the first station and meets up with the Japanese Minister of Defence. It’s modern, it’s current it gets to the point, surely there isn’t anything to hate about the Iron Man anime after the opening 10 minutes?

Unfortunately there is, I am not that big of a fan of the art style and less so of the animation . The art style I can understand the reasoning behind but the animation seems so dated and 90’s. When Iron Man is on screen things get kicked up a notch but overall it is quite, um uneven and choppy. The sound though is where Iron Man really shines so far, some sweet sound effects, back ground music, voice acting and a very fitting theme while Iron Man does his ass kicking, too bad the 2 enemies I have seen so far haven’t been much of a challenge plus I am really hoping this predictable zodiac sign for enemies stupidity does not continue.

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The story so far has been average but there is some way yet to go with some interesting characters here and there and I have already becoming suspicious of a certain politician. Lets see how this 12 episode series develops. Have you seen any of the Iron Man anime episodes yet? Would love to get your feedback via a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Iron Man Anime – First Impressions

  1. MADHO– USE is trying too hard to keep Iron Man tied to it’s Western roots. Taking much from the 90’s american cartoon era the animation and it’s terrible writing as well.

    I can bet that it was all done to ensure it would be picked up for syndication.

  2. Sad part is, no matter how shitty this is, squealing 14 year old boys everywhere will watch it religiously. What I find rather sad is how both Marvel and DC license their brands to anyone and everywhere who will pay, even such utter crap. I understand they need to make some money, but talk about whoring out!

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