Gunpla Family Web Drama

I’ve been meaning to share an interesting web series I discovered a while back via Twitter I think. A web drama featuring a Japanese family obsessed with Gundam anime figures or “Gunpla.” This web series was created and aired in Japan while Gundam OO was on hence there is a lot of reference to gundams from that series. I haven’t watched all the episodes yet but I have it among a “resource list” of sorts among other links that would help with learning Japanese. Check it out if you like gundams and/or studying Japanese.

Exia - the main Gundam in the first season on Gundam OO

Check out my reviews of Season 1 andΒ Season 2 of Gundam OO and a big chuck of my Gundam collection is from that same series with 2 of my favourites being Seravee and the Double O Gundam. Check out the first episode embedded below, the rest are easily available on Youtube. Any idea if this series was ever subbed?