8.9 Magnitude Earthquake hits north-east Japan

A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit just off the coast of Sendai in North-East Japan earlier today at about 2:46pm Japan time. The powerful temour was recorded by the US Geological Survey and is the 6th most powerful earthquake ever recorded anywhere in the world. The earthquake was unbelievably powerful but the bulk of the damage and death was caused by a tsunami triggered by the quake that sent a huge wall of water inland destroying everything in its path.

Disturbing images

Since waking up to the news I have been following the updates on the internet mainly via a like BBC feed and I must say the images have been hard to watch. It reminded me a similar disaster in India in 2004 and the Haiti disaster closer to home last year.

Japan prepared for earthquakes

Japan is no stranger to earthquakes as I have read and heard that 20% of earthquake of 6.0 or over in the world happen in Japan. Frequent earthquake drills take place in Japan in schools, apartment buildings, offices and even hospitals to educate persons on the steps to take before, during and after a major earthquake.

Country devastated

Hundreds are reported dead after this latest earthquake in Japan with thousands more missing. The power is down in large areas of the country as nuclear power plants are taken offline. Many trains have grind to a halt and communication channels are jammed. Dozens of aftershocks continue to shake parts of Japan many hours after the quake. I hope everyone in Japan can stay safe and Japan can recover from this disaster.

I would love to hear from you

Are you in Japan? Did you experience the earthquake? Are you ok? Even if you are outside Japan I’d love to get some feedback and thoughts via a comment below.

Japan earthquake in pictures – BBC