X-Men Anime – Character Art and Screenshots

My interest in X-Men didn’t stem from the comics like many other fans of the franchise but actually from watching the Saturday morning cartoon while growing up and collecting the toys which along with those from transformers were all the rage during my childhood. All my friends had their favourite characters and we’d go on for hours explaining why that chaacter would own that character – like a true boring geek I was a Professor Charles Francis Xavier fan.

X-Men is the latest of a string of Marvel franchises getting the “anime” treatment and debuting in Japan after Iron Man (which I forgot to review o.O, but will shortly) and Wolverine (which looked too metro-sexual for me but I may still watch). Check out a trailer, character art and screenshots below.

Your thoughts and Favourite X-Men character?

I surfed into some character art and screenshots today that I thought I’d share. I’d also love to hear what you think about this upcoming series as well as who is your favourite X-Men character.

The one, the only, Professor X
Cyclops looking as effeminate as ever...
I first thought this was Jean Grey, thanks Troy for introducing me to Armour