Iron Man & Wolverine Anime Trailers

Iron Man and Wolverine are super popular comic creations from Marvel. Each have featured in various forms of media and merchandising over the years but are about to add a new spin on their money making magic in the form of anime.


Japan’s Madhouse Studios is handling the production of the Iron Man and Wolverine anime which will be released on Animax sometime in 2010. I am not really feeling the scrawny looking anime-ized version of Wolverine but it’s still early days. check out out the trailers for both of them below and let me know which one you are most looking forward to seeing. For me Iron Man is ahead by a whisker.

Marvel Anime Iron Man teaser

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Marvel Animation Wolverine teaser

With Master Chief from Halo also headed to the anime screen I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more major entertainment properties start producing anime versions. Whether that is a good or bad thing is yet to be realized.

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10 thoughts on “Iron Man & Wolverine Anime Trailers

  1. An anime wolverine is almost like a dream come true. Aww I hope they make an xmen anime series too. [love] I just can’t waaaaaaaaait. [smile] [smile] [smile]
    [japan] [jamaica]

  2. shits wak its not a wolverine anime unless its really wolverine not some jap wit claws [pole] next time mak somthin dat maks sense

  3. I saw both of these a few weeks ago floating around on Twitter. I was very very very disappointed, especially with the Wolverine interpretation. It seems to be a samurai with claws instead of a sword. They’ve robbed Wolverine of the very essence of what makes him Wolverine.

    What I mean is that Wolverine is not graceful, elegant, or precise. He’s animalistic, brutal, rough around the edges (or maybe more than just the edges) and he’s incredibly violent.

    Plus, the anime-ized version of Wolverine looks all scrawny and… well, not manly. I’ll just put it that way.

      1. lol thx man c no1 wants 2 c som asshole wit claws unless its da real wolverine not som queer wit claws [smile] an i agree wit u 100% lol u no ur stuff man

  4. lol thx man c no1 wants 2 c som asshole wit claws unless its da real wolverine not som queer wit claws [smile]

  5. Well I have to agree with the consensus so far:
    1) Wolverine as depicted in this trailer looks dumb
    2) Iron Man has potential

    Were they actually released last year? I’ll have to do a search now…

  6. Japan sure knows their “Guys in Robot Suits,” but I don’t think Japan knows their “Bad-asses with Adamantium Claws” very well.

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