Five years blogging on

For about 10 years now I have had a great interest in all things Japanese and about five and a half years ago I started studying Japanese at a local private school and a few months later decided to create a place online where I can share my interests and get help with my study of the Japanese language. Five years later my Japanese hasn’t improved much (I need to change that) but my blog has grown from strength to strength  especially in the last 12 months.

Dreams coming true and some favourite posts

After putting things in motion last year so that I would realise my dream of visiting Japan, things are looking up nicely and it will be a few short months until I set foot in Japan as Operation Visit Japan is it it’s later stages. I have created many posts covering the various topics I blog about in the last 12 months but some of my favourites in chronological order include:

Anime related posts like my Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood review are super popular

Visitor Statistics overview

According to Clicky January 2010 to January 2011 saw a 25% increase in visitors and had over 270,000 unique visit during that period which works out to around 750 per day. Firefox remains the most popular browser with my readers, with Internet Explorer very close behind and Google Chrome (my new browser of choice) seeing a significant increase in users. Not surprisingly my anime related posts continue to be very popular and my posts related to photography have stired so much interest I decided to dedicate an entire category just for photography related posts.

Things to look out for

It goes without saying that my upcoming trip to Japan will be the highlight of the upcoming year, I am planning to share every detail of my visit with my readers from the second I step off the plane. Video will be one of the main ways  I will sharing this year so I’d advise my readers to subscribe to the Youtube Channel if you haven’t done so already. Remember that Unicorn Gundam model I acquired last year? I am close to completing it and I am sure my Gundam loving readers would like to have an opportunity to win one right?

one of my favourite photographs taken in the last year

Thank you to all my supporters, whether you have been following this blog for years or just discovering this blog while reading this post. Stay in touch by following me on twitter, liking on Facebook and feel free to drop me a message anytime via my contact form. Here’s to many more years! Long live my geek repository!