6 Nostalgic Anime Openings from the 90’s

I listen to music while doing my droid-like duties at work and depending on my mood I might go for any kind of music from some soothing Bob Marley to some classic Nelly Furtado. Lately I’ve been more in the mood for anime soundtracks and if you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed a tweet about a “jizz-in-your-pants” moment I had when I heard the opening for Gundam Wing after so many years. After recovering from that geekgasm I though I’d share 6 random anime opening themes from the 1990’s that should be very nostalgic for anime fans in their mid 20’s like me that grew up watching these anime shows but if you are are younger (or older) they should still be pretty cool (I hope).

100 geek points to anyone who names this Gundam in a comment

Back in the 90’s the internet only accessible to a few people here in Jamaica so with no internet to stream or download anime like many people do now the only option was to watch anime on cable – mainly Cartoon Network’s Toonami in the afternoons after school and Kids WB very early on a Saturday morning. Heck I don’t even think me and my friends knew what “anime” was back then all we knew was these “cartoons” were awesome!

Gundam Wing – Only fair this one starts off the list seeing that the opening song for this series Rhythm Emotion started this nostalgic journey into the past. P.S. Trowa Barton is the boss.

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Tenchi Muyo – I couldn’t stand the lead character Tenchi to be honest, but who knew running into a group of alien girls could turn out to be such an adventure?

Pokemon – This theme gets my vote for the catchiest opening song of all time. I could literally hear every kid along my street singing this tune out loud when Pokemon was starting.

Sailor Moon – Wipe that look off your face, yes I watched Sailor Moon and you did too! So admit in besides I had a mad crush on Sailor Mars, she could have burned me with her fire any day.

Samurai X – Known as Rurouni Kenshin in Japan this series actually came on daily on one of our 2 local TV stations but I had already seen most of it on Toonami. Looking back at the art-style and character design don’t you think Bleach looks somewhat similar?

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Dragon Ball Z – Dragonball Z was the show that had everyone no matter their age crowding around the TV set to watch. The various movies, all of which I have yet to see were also well done and enjoyable.

There ends my nostalgic journey. I am sure I have left off a lot of some people’s favourites so leave a comment below with a link to the opening theme of some of your favourite anime from the 1990’s. Writing this post made me realize I am getting old -_-.


28 thoughts on “6 Nostalgic Anime Openings from the 90’s

  1. Oh, how about Neon Genesis Evangelion? I can almost sing that song by heart :P It’s definitely my fav from the 1990s.

  2. Dude u forgot Neon Genesis Evangelion…lol and Speed Racer. xD (to this day, I still love Judy and Mary because of Rurouni Kenshin as well as TM Revolution —u need to do one on the anime endings xD) and the Pokemon Theme song is something I still hum occasionally…>.>

  3. Ahhh I loved Rurouni Kenshin and Sailor Moon. I recently re-warched most of Sailor Moon… in 日本語of course.

    Tenchi I remember renting from blockbuster.. I rented quite a few anime from there actually. I can’t say I liked it or disliked it really ..

    Great post.. had me doing flashbacks indeed.. but where is Cowboy bebop? Or was that in 2000? Hummm anyway the ones you have so far are def. in my list.

  4. This made my day. Your opening comment was my exact same story, every day I looked forward to toonami so I could watch these exact shows. I’m now a HUGE anime fan now, and these “cartoons” are what I have to thank for it.

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