My Dream Home in Japan? New meets Old

I have a appreciation for really old things, there is something fascinating about them and I might sound weird but believe that really old things have developed personalities over time no matter if it’s a simple old coin or the pyramids of Giza. At the same time though I like things modern especially architecture and design so how can you update a 300 year old Japanese house to the 21st century? Wrapping it in a modern structure of course!

This will most definitely be the coolest house on the block

The modern structure protects the old Japanese house from the elements and the ever present earthquake risk while providing new functionality and an updated layout Can you imaging growing up in a house like this? One minute I could imagine I’m the Shogun of Japan riding through the countryside while messing up my parents immaculately crafted garden, the next minute I could in the living room setting a head-shot record against my friends in a video game like Modern Warfare 2.

Old Japanese house wrapped in modern addition

Via – Dornob – more images and info