Oh My God! I Killed L!

My L nendoroid was acquired over a year ago and due to my clumsiness and fiddling I have managed to break or lose all the neck joins that came with the figure (4 of them I think). The last one broke over the weekend when I was cleaning my room and moving my figures to a more prominent display area. to the unsuspecting eye L seems alright and still sits on his red chair with his head attached but touch him or shake the area in any way and his head rolls off spewing blood in all different directions.

With such a big head a strong neck is necessary

Private Funeral

The funeral service for L Lawliet will be held on February 30th 2011 at midnight at an undisclosed location. We understand that L has a large fanbase so we will be streaming funeral live while only allowing his close friends and shinigami associates to be present at the burial for fear that crazed fans attempt to bring him back to life or steal various body-parts.

L died shortly after his forth and final neck was broken
A neckless L hanging out with his Gunpla buddies