Manga marks 50 years of US Japan Alliance

The US Military in Japan has published the first chapter of a new manga to coincide with  50 year anniversary of the security pact between Japan and the USA. The first chapter is entitled entitled “Our Alliance – A Lasting Partnership” and will start the story staring Usa-kun – a young boy wearing a hooded jacket with rabbit ears as he meets Arai Anzu-chan – a glasses wearing Japanese girl. He states that he has come to defend her home because they are now important friends.

Usa-kun and Arai Anzu-chan

The Big Bangs

Not sure when Usa-kun will tell Anzu-chan that his parents probably fried her parents by dropping not one but two atomic bombs on Japan to end the second world war but then again I’m sure the creators wouldn’t want to turn this bright and bubbly manga into a horror story ^-^.

The Japanese used is so basic even I can read a few lines

Perfect Japanese Practice

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Read the first chapter of what should be a four part manga on the US Military Forces in Japan website here. This is actually very interesting Japanese language practice material for Japanese language learners. I might even try my hand at deciphering, reading and understanding this manga. Who at my level wants to help? Japanese language learners at a higher level can feel free to pester (and help) me on Twitter to see to it that I actually get the job done, maybe a page a day starting this weekend?

Source – BBC News


5 thoughts on “Manga marks 50 years of US Japan Alliance

  1. This is nutty. Seems like we should at least make propaganda a little more sophisticated, even if it is being directed at kids.

    As for the frying-of-parents comment, remember, lil Usa-kun is still willing to help out Anzu-chan even after her parents declared war on and fought bitterly against his parents.

    For the record, I’m totally against the bombing of civilian-populated areas, in wartime or in peacetime, and am ashamed of my country’s part in doing so.

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