Gundam in Shizuoka Info and Time-lapse video

The giant Gundam has a new home in Shizuoka City and was official unveiled and opened up to the public recently. Almost 1 million people are expected to visit the 1/1 scale , 18 metre, 35 tonne robot which will be on display in the city until March 27, 2011.

shizuoka giant gundam japan
Giant Gundam now protecting Shizuoka City

From Tokyo to Shizuoka

The same Gundam was on display in Tokyo last year and attracted 4 million visitors but now has new weaponry in the form of a beam saber. Shizuoka is the capital city of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan and is located to the south west of Tokyo, it is also the city where Gundam plastic models or ‘Gunpla’ are made which are popular with Gundam fans in Japan and worldwide. I found an awesome time-lapse video of the Gundam that I have embedded below.

If you could have a life-sized Gundam?

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Watching this video and writing this post actually had me thinking which of my current Gundam figures I’d want to be life sized. Without much thought I decided I’d want a life-sized Gundam Double O mainly because it’s the first gunpla I acquired and it spends most of the time next to my mouse on my desk at home! To all the Gundam fans – which Gundam would you want to see life-sized and displayed in your, um, yard? Even if you not a Gundam fan check out my post about my anime figure collection and choose one from there.

My house would be the coolest on the block if this was sitting in the yard

Video first seen thanks to @rickygraham
Giant Gundam image and info via Mainichi

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