Cat Shit One – First Impressions

Yes the title of this post is correct and not a typo. Cat Shit one is an anime I posted the trailer for last year and after a few delays the first episode has finally been released. From the reading I did after first seeing the trailer I learned that Cat Shit One is based of a manga of the same name published in 1998. It was released in the west under the name Apocalypse Meow. I gave the first episode a watch a few days ago and enjoyed it immensely.

Packy and Bota in the first episode of Cat Shit One

Rabbits vs Camels

The first episode of Cat Shit One stars Packy and Bota who start an offensive against a rebel camp to rescue some prisoners. Packy and Bota are both rabbits and all the enemies are camels o.O. The animation and art-style is very Metal Gear-like and the movements and sound effects are topped notch although watching rabbits attack a base commando style is very amusing to say the least. It will be interesting to see how this anime’s story develops but unfortunately there is no concrete news on when episode two or future episodes will be available.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger was a rabbit he'd be packy

Check out Cat Shit One for some over the top action comedy. The military otaku in me really enjoyed the first episode. In Japan? You can watch the first episode directly from the creator’s Youtube channel here. Outside Japan? then you’ll have to stream it or find some other way to get your eyes on episode one and future episodes. A few more screenshots from the first episode below and I’d love to hear what you think about this anime so far via your comments.

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Botasky watches the base go boooooom from a safe distance
Who knew camels could fire AK-47s?
lots of action, explosions and flashing lights


11 thoughts on “Cat Shit One – First Impressions

  1. I may check it out. To your knowledge is there any reason for the weird name? Or is it another example of a random arrangement of English words being cool just because it’s English?

    1. apparently Cat Shit One is the name of the team the two rabbits are a part of. No explanation behind the name just yet but I’m guessing it’s just to catch eyes and stand out from the crowd.

      1. cat shit one is a very popular Manga about The Vietnam War,
        and the vietcongs was represented is cats, the american soldiers are rabbit because in japanese rabbit is USAGI so U.S.A. G.I.
        get it?

  2. Apocalypse Meow! I’m a big fan of Walter Murch’s edit… wait… that’s Apocalypse Now.
    Kirky, check yuh inbox.

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