Cat Shit One – Animated Series Trailer

The Cat Shit One Trailer is not a new video but I find myself going back to and watching in repeatedly from time to time so why not share it. It is an interesting trailer for what will be an interested CG series set the premiere this winter. Cat Shit One is based of the manga of the same name in Japan that was also released in the west as Apocalypse Meow.


Cat Shit One’s story is based on 3 American soldiers and their activities during the Vietnam war and features soldiers and characters from many countries such as China, France, Korea, Australia, Russia and others. The artsyle definitely has a Metal Gear Solid influence and this is definitely one to watch for early next year. Check out the video below.

Click here to see a lower quality trailer that has English subtitles. Looks interesting?

Cat Shit One official website


8 thoughts on “Cat Shit One – Animated Series Trailer

  1. Do you know if the manga is based on something? I really feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before, non-animated I mean… hmm!

  2. I didn’t see any cats, only rabbits and strange camel-like things. Looks interesting all the same. Do you reckon they’ll rename the series for western consumption, I can’t see it going too far with a crazy name like Cat Shit One.

  3. I saw the trailer on youtube some time ago…
    Some guys on youtube raving about it……….. total garbage imho
    Like the name though [tongue]

  4. In the manga CS1 was set in Viet Nam in the ’70s.
    It was historically correct, and was very intense.

    I feel bad that they had to change it to the Middle East.

    It seems to have degraded into a political statement with the same old propaganda style stereotypes.

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