Terminator Salvation – I like to hate it

Let me start off by saying that Terminator Salvation sucked, but that the fact that it sucked doesn’t mean that is bad so please join the millions of movie goers who will and should watch this highly anticipated blockbuster regardless of what I say about it.

Terminator Salvation serves the full course when it comes to must have scenes and characters in a summer action flick such has high speed chases, military aircraft, a sexy brainless female in tight clothing, Gatling guns, a pregnant wife, end of world theme, rogue robots and things that go bang, pow, kapow and boom!

Humans are the sheep and Skynet is the shepherd


Marcus Wright is a death row inmate who is convinced to give up his body for scientific research after is death. Years later he wakes up in the future to find the world in ruins due to nuclear fallout and his body transformed. Skynet is a computer software-based defense system created by humans that became self aware and decided that humans should be wiped off the face of the earth. Terminator Salvation takes place in the year 2018 after the nukes have fallen and humans are being hunted and exterminated by skynet. The fabled John Connor from previous Terminator movies is now a grown adult who is the head of a global network of resistance fighters aiming to destroy skynet and liberate the human race.

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Hello John my name is Marcus

Terminator Salvation made my list of must watch 2009 summer movies for a reason but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I thought I would. Christian Bale as John Connor to me was a big failure and from entire cast of a high budget summer blockbuster my favorite character was a mute girl named Star. Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright was decent but was brought down by an underwhelming, spineless film with very little creativity and too many awkward albeit iconic Terminator-esque one-liners. This movie can be enjoyed if you allow yourself to be immersed in and wowed by the effects, sights and sounds, just remember to leave your brain at the door before entering the theatre.

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“come with me if you want to live” – um no?!? – “I’ll be back”

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Skynet Official site <- must visit for geeks! I found this while researching info for this blogpost!


9 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation – I like to hate it

  1. Hi mate,

    i have not seen the movie. we have a slower release date here in australia.
    I have such a high hopes on this. Despite what you said about the movie, i will still go and watch but with less expectation.
    Usually with such a lesser expectation i tend to appreciate a brainless movie.

    Thanks for the warning.

    Nice bloggin website. !!!


  2. I haven’t been hearing any good reviews so far from people who went to watch it, and now you. Seems I will have to strike this one form my list. [sad]

    Went to watch Star Trek earlier, will post about it tomorrow.

  3. Well for someone who watched the previous three movies it helped me to understand several aspects about this movie and to accept it for what it was a movie that followed the Terminator timeline and one that did go to an extreme at any end of the spectrum of what it offered it was an action movie which had decent amount of action nothing over the edge but enough to keep the pace of its genre, maintain its story and interjected a few pieces of humour which for me was a good thing, because what I have noticed a lot of action movies these days seem to place such emphasis on humour e.g. “Star Trek” if I wanted to laugh I would go and watch a comedy not saying that the installment of humour is a bad thing but I just don’t think it should out weight the main genre of the movie.
    There are a lot of little things that if you did not pay attention to or understand you would miss or not understand in the movie it was much deeper than most people noticed but for the individuals who have yet to see the movie I will not mention these aspects.

    P.S. “The fabled John Connor from previous Terminator movies is now a grown adult who is the head of a global network of resistance fighters aiming to destroy skynet and liberate the human race.” He was not the leader he was placed in command of one of the several branches which consisted the resistance.

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