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The 20th staging of the Tokyo Game Show is now only a month away. TGS 2010 will take place over a four-day period from Thursday, September 16 to Sunday, September 19, 2010 at Makuhari Messe in Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. As usual the first 2 days will be business days will Saturday and Sunday will be open to the public.

TGS 2010 Mascot/Idol

Tokyo Game Show offers a peek into what Japanese video game developers and hardware manufacturers are working on. Will we see a successor to the Wii? More about the 3DS? PSP revamp? What about new games, sequels and new franchises? It’s enough to get any gaming fan’s knickers in a twist. Plus I haven’t even gotten started on the cosplaying which I have been following at TGS for a while now.

Dont think I'm a fan of this mascot but maybe she/it will grow on me

Off the top of my head there are some of the games and game related news I’d love to see at this year’s Tokyo game Show.

  • New Resident Evil
  • Successor to the Nintendo Wii
  • Updated info on the Last Guardian
  • More games and trailers for Nintendo 3DS games
  • 3D gaming on home consoles
  • Anything Final Fantasy related
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In Japan? Attending TGS 2010? I’d love it if you could share some pictures and videos of your experiences there. Contact me through my contact page or drop me a message on Twitter if you plan to go!

Tokyo Game Show 2010 – Official Website


8 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show 2010 Information

  1. I didn’t know TGS was in September. I’ll be in Tokyo on Monday 20th, I’ll miss it by 1 day. :( Disappointed.

  2. I went last year, and it was kinda a bummer, since all the good news was already out at E3 and GamesCon, but it was still a lot of fun watching trailers, talking to some real japanese gamers and as a game dev student, go around and talk to the devs in the smaller indie-game booths and school recruitment booths. Also met TkyoSam there ^^

    PS: Don’t expect any Nintendo news, since they don’t go to TGS :/

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