Beware of Jiggling Sumo Tits and Broken Wear

Thousands of hours of my life has been flushed down the drain watching videos on the web, a large chuck of those videos or Japan related, at one time I considered started a tumbler blog dedicated solely to my video discoveries but realized there are already a few dozen out there that are doing the job better than I ever could.

One of my current faves is a video of random Japanese people running towards a camera making funny faces, everybody from a teenage, to a salary man, to a child, to a elderly man to a sumo wrestler (I assume) is represented. The video made me remember my Japanese character card set and thought about how awesome it would be if every character from the set was represented in the video. Embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

But Wait! there is more!

Recently my J-Blogger pal Reesan posted a video called “Broken Wear” that is contention for the most awesome Japan-related Youtube video of all time which another of my J-Blogger pals Loco-san has described as “visual junk food”. Broken wear is also embedded below for your enjoyment.

Please free to share a link to the most awesome/hilarious/crazy/wacky/unbelievable Japan related video you have seen recently in a comment.


6 thoughts on “Beware of Jiggling Sumo Tits and Broken Wear

  1. thanks for the ping, kind fellow.

    whilst it is hard to pick a favourite part of the broken wear vid i’d have to go for the constant and repetitive mispronunciation of “fire breath” to “fire breast”. [evil]

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