Honda Powered Japan Beat Cameroon

Japan has got their 2010 World Cup challenge off to a good start with a 1-0 win in their first game against one of Africa’s powerhouses Cameroon. Keisuke Honda 28th minute strike came at a time when both teams looked unsettled in a rather scrappy game with Cameroon slightly on top before the goal. After the goal went in however Japan defended valiantly to come away with 3 points, their first ever win in a World Cup match outside their own country.

I could hear the Japanese fans over the buzz of the Vuvuzela!

I thought China was the Asian country famous for building great walls? Japan made their Samurai ancestors proud as they repelled wave after wave of attacks from Cameroon. They did look rather edgy in defense but apart from the a couple Samuel Eto raids and a late shot that struck the crossbar Japan did well to hold on to their lead.

Samuel Eto looked a frustrated figure playing through most of the game

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I did say in my post about Japan’s Chances at the 2010 World Cup that they had to beat Cameroon to stand a chance, now that they have done that they will look to go into the game against the hard hitting Dutch who were also victorious in their match against Denmark. They will have to do more than just defend against the heavy artillery of the Netherlands in the form of Kuyt, Van Persie and Sneijder whose creativity and skill is a whole new level compared the the Cameroonians. Good Luck Blue Samurai!

The World Cup is all the rage on Twitter as expected, follow me @Jamaipanese as I tweet up a storm while watching each and every match.

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7 thoughts on “Honda Powered Japan Beat Cameroon

  1. Excellent win for Japan and they needed it to have any real chance to advance. Both Denmark and the Netherlands are going to be very tough. Japan will certainly have to at least tie Denmark and probably will have to beat them to advance as beating or tying the powerful Netherlands will be extremely difficult.

  2. Oh boy, that game was a torture to watch, same as Slovenia – Algeria. I had to laugh so hard, when the German commentators made fun about how hard it was to find a good scene from the game. I think this year too many countries worry more about how not to lose instead how to win. That may boomerang in the second game, because a draw won’t bring you far. I know Japan can play better, so can Slovenia. So I hope that the second games will put football in the center. These days all I’m hearing is complains about vuvuzelas. I hope Spain, Portugal and Brazil will give us some magic moments, only Germany showed us, how football should be played at a World Cup. And Argentina partly.

  3. That Japanese fan looks so awesome. I’ll cheer for Japan on June 24 if the Danish commentators have a box without too much vuvuzela noise coming in.

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