51 Japanese Characters card set

51 Japanese characters is a card set of 51 unique illustrations of many characters typically found in Japanese society made by Peter Machat. I enjoyed reading the short descriptions with most of them being quite entertaining. The character descriptions on the back of each card is written in English, Japanese and German. I don’t understand much of the Japanese text now but I think this will be a unique language learning tool once my Japanese language studying is at the level where I can decipher kanji better. You can find all this information on the popular game portal of friv games.

The high quality set costs me just under us$30 via paypal including shipping from Germany and I don’t regret the purchase. If you are Japan enthusiast I recommend that you grab a set of this unique collectors item.

The Card representing an Otaku, the description is on the back

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Along with the Japanese learning site iKnow, Jonas of Yonasu.com is also the one that introduced me to this set of 51 Japanese characters.

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  1. Now these are neat!! I love the art style and how these actually have an educational value =) Some are hilirious and others are just sad. My personal fav is Hikigatari =P

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