51 Japanese Characters card set

51 Japanese characters is a card set of 51 unique illustrations of many characters typically found in Japanese society made by Peter Machat. I enjoyed reading the short descriptions with most of them being quite entertaining. The character descriptions on the back of each card is written in English, Japanese and German. I don’t understand much of the Japanese text now but I think this will be a unique language learning tool once my Japanese language studying is at the level where I can decipher kanji better.

The high quality set costs me just under us$30 via paypal including shipping from Germany and I don’t regret the purchase. If you are Japan enthusiast I recommend that you grab a set of this unique collectors item.

The Card representing an Otaku, the description is on the back

Along with the Japanese learning site iKnow, Jonas of Yonasu.com is also the one that introduced me to this set of 51 Japanese characters.