Genki Sudo’s World Order Album Music Videos

My occasional foray into Japanese popular music or J-pop unearths some real gems from time to time and I think I have found another, a self titled dance, trance, electronic musical album called World Order presented by Genki Sudo a retired Japanese mixed martial artist and a kickboxer famous for his elaborate ring entrances and unorthodox fighting style.

I have known about Genki Sudo for a while as I remember watching a video mash-up of his entrances and a documentary made after his retirement. So when I heard he was now writing, producing and publishing music it came as a surprise and I thought it was gimmick until I was hypnotized by 3 tracks from the album and entertained by 3 hilarious videos for these songs. Combine excellent music, hypnotism, comedy and entertainment and you have an awesome album with some truly memorable videos.

  • Boy Meets Girl – Genki and his salaryman pals head to a local cafe after a hard days work only to run into a group of attractive ladies – awesomeness ensued.
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  • World Order – aspiring street dancer? Genki and his pals serve up a street dancing lesson on the streets of Tokyo: robotic style, watch and learn.

  • Mind Shift – Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, so the worst that could happen if you forget to lockup is a group of salarymen hosting a dance party.

Update! new video released in March 2011 – Β “Machine Civilization” embeded below.

Like these songs? Genki Sudo presets World order is available on Amazon here.


11 thoughts on “Genki Sudo’s World Order Album Music Videos

    1. not really into MMA, other than watching the odd fight here and there. I knew about Genki Sudo because of his flashy entrances I saw online via Youtube.

  1. You guys should also check out the translation of the lyrics of the song too. Genki shows off his writing skills and buddhist passion. He’s quite the articulate composer himself. ^_^

  2. Hey, I’m a fan of Genki Sudo’s dance videos! Recently, I made a tribute kinda video. Find it as “Genki Sudo Machine Civilization tribute” on Youtube and tell me what you think? Thanks! :D

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