Photos from Somerset Falls, Portland Jamaica

It’s been a while I shared photos from my monthly photographic adventures. On the last Sunday of each month a local photography group I am a member of on Flickr pool funds together, rent a bus and head out for a entire day snapping pictures and making great memories. When we are not exchanging pleasantries with 15 foot long reptiles were are escaping into the depths of the earth while dodging bats.

in the sound of crashing water missed you, this brightly coloured sign wouldn't

Nature lover’s dream spot

One of the main stops on last month’s trip was Somerset Falls in the Eastern parish of Portland – which is quickly becoming one of my favourite parishes to visit. If and when I do own a car I can see myself taking trips to this part of the island very often. Somerset Falls is a nature lover’s dream spot, great food, lots to see and do, some animals to check out and a wonderful river to take a dip in.

the views during a short boat ride were almost like scenes from a dream

Lots of photos and a video

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This post is packed full of photos from Somerset Falls and I included a video below which include some of the other sights we visited on our day-longΒ  group trip. Check ’em out and enjoy.

I got soaked and was swallowed up by a cave, no bats though (thank God!)
I wanted to sit on one of these rocks and meditate for hours - Zen Style
lots of waterfalls to see, this one being my favourite
I nearly had an "accident" while climbing a flight of stairs
another photogenic waterfall!
oooh my how did this boobtastic beach photo get into this gallery ^_^

I'll end it with my favouite shot from my visit to Somerset Falls

Thank you for reading and checking out the pictures and video. Visit the Somerset Falls Official Website for more information and remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel – on-ne-ga-i-shi-ma-su!


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  1. Holy wow, this is amazing! Just amazing. Especially liked the 2nd shot, just above the vid. And the vid was nice, too. Great stuff! Wish I had someone to hang out with and go and explore the island I live on.

  2. I wonder if some of this content may have been duplicated from elsewhere, its scattered across the web and various peoples websites, unless youre the contents creator?

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