Yakuza 4 keeps looking better and better

The Yakuza series of games or Ryū ga Gotoku as it is known in Japan is a series of games that I have always looked on from afar and admired but have been unable to play due to inaccessibility or a watered down western release. Yakazu 4 blasted back unto my gaming radar and made my list of top 10 games that caught my eye at E3 2010 at number 7.

Main characters in Yakuza 4

Yakuza 4 is already out in Japan but will not be available in the west for at least another 6 months. I recently saw an awesome game trailer for the game punctuated with guns, fists, scantily clad women and money. It got me more excited about hopefully playing this game when it gets released exclusively for the PS3 next year. Trailer embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Yakuza 4 Official site (Japanese)

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3 thoughts on “Yakuza 4 keeps looking better and better

  1. This game is looking sweeeeeeeet! I love the first two, I have the third but am waiting until I have a decent amount of time to play it although I am a big concerned about the cut content, especially seeing as those elements turned up in the first 2.. weird.

    I also wish they’d never bothered getting an english voice cast for the first game too, it wasn’t as terrible as Shenmue but it was still pretty poor, can’t be the original VA’s and subs!

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