Shinkansen Chopsticks FTW!

I saw something recently that made me realize realize something very very important – I love Japanese trains more than Star Wars O.o! I experienced a geekgasm when I saw the Star Wars chopsticks a while back but the new Shinkansen ones have the aspiring densha otaku (Japanese train enthusiast) in me doing geektastic back-flips.

The shinkansen chopsticks comes in the shape of the O series, N700 series or the 922 series and are made by Daiwa Toy Company the same company that made the Star Wars themed ones. These are just the first set as all the different series of bullet trains are expected to get the chopstick treatment, perfect for collectors! *note to self* look out for the E5 Series Shinkansen version.

Hi5 to my twitter pal Ragnar for sharing the link to Japan Times article about the chopsticks which in turn I found out was written by another pal Rick Martin, follow him on twitter here.

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5 thoughts on “Shinkansen Chopsticks FTW!

  1. Wow this is what I define as eclectic! I still prefer the Star Wars chopsticks but this doesn’t fall short of being awesome too!

  2. These are incredible -incredible use of perspective. I hadn’t heard about the star wars ones – I’m going to go google that now!

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