Black Rock Shooter OVA Anime Review

I was originally drawn to Black Rock Shooter because of the character designs, the dark tones and somewhat unique look to the main character made me excited about the potential of this anime. It took quite a while for the official original video animation to be released but that didn’t stop various anime figures and other merchandise featuring characters from the series to be released.

Black Rock SHooter spends most of her time getting clobbered in battles

Black Rock Shoot Plot Synopsis

The story of Black Rock Shooter follows Mato Kuroi who on her first say of Junior High School makes friends with a girl named Yomi Takanashi. The girls join clubs and for the first half of the year spend a lot of time together. In the second half of the year though the girls are put into different classes and start to drift apart with Mato making friends with a new girl named Yuu. Things get crazy when Yomi disappears only to eventually to be found possessed by an evil being.

Another anime featuring High School girls (yay?)

Duality to the Story

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At various points during the main story to view switches to an ongoing battle between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master giving some duality to the plot which then converges at the end. I must say this was interesting somewhat but not very poorly executed as there is not much fluidity to the switches and it all seemed random and confusing to the viewer.

Still lots more to come from the Black Rock Shooter franchise

Over Hyped Animated Garbage

Personally I am quite disappointed with the Black Rock Shooter OVA. The whole high school girls setting is so overdone now it’s not funny. Maybe I am at fault for falling for the hype or expecting something more dark and sinister to fit the awesome art-style and character designs. The fight scenes were decent but far from awe inducing and with nothing for the OVA to stand on it just turned out to be over hyped animated  garbage. Did you watch BRS? If yes I’d love to hear what you thought of it. More stills below.

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eigo ga benkyo shimasu!
nice boots, but not so nice butt and boobs -_-
Fortunately my girlfriend doesn't have horns (I think)


5 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter OVA Anime Review

  1. So I’m not the only one who was disappointed with this huh? I was half asleep when watching it, so I convinced myself that maybe that was the reason it all seemed so… pointless.

    The artwork and imagery are quite beautiful I even like the execution in terms of the animation quality, character voices, etc. I even get the parallel between the mundane outer world and the high-fantasy symbolism and blah blah blah. At the end of the day, the plot was extremely lacking.

    Not a horrible story. I’ve certainly seen worse. It’s just pretty anecdotal, more like one of those short experimental anime works by independents or students that gets an award every now and then but is quickly forgotten by most.

  2. I personally liked it a lot. Even though the school-type setting is used a lot, I found it matching and I have to say that I found the story quite touching. As for the transitions, sure, not much is explained about the other world and the alter egos and instead it leaves it up to the viewers interpretation, something I actually didn’t mind in this case. I also liked the animation and artstyle and found the fight scenes to be well-animated.

    But hey, to each his own. :)

  3. I personally think the fight with Black Gold Saw at the beginning was the best of the lot! The rest of the anime spent too much time in the “real world” rather than the “BRS” world in my opinion. It’s obvious they only produced this anime to sell more figures, however I think that if it were to become a full blown series they would be able to develop the story more and make it a hell of a lot better!!

  4. I’ve been waiting for the anime for a year now , Its been quite hyped about for the past months but I think BRS is a good anime .

    Mainly because of the Drama and Emotion in it and also the action with Black Rock Shooter against Dead Master . The Animation is superb almost like K-On quality .

    This is only just the beginning , It might be confusing at first but I bet everything will be clear once they finish making a 2nd OVA .

  5. I wasn’t disappointed, but I also wasn’t particularly excited about it. It was kind of dull…and they didn’t even put in the song, except for the instrumental as background music! QQ No Miku…

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