Seya Police Station’s new Kawaii Mascots

Japan is well renowned to be a land of lovers of all things cute. Hello Kitty and Pikachu are two of the biggest starts in Japan because they both rank highly on the adorable meter. Japan lived up to the cute-loving reputation when a police station in Yokohama unveiled a brother sister paring of fraternal twins as their new official mascots.

meet Ajisai Seyano and Keyaki Seyano

Cute mascots are nothing new to Japan as most businesses and government establishments have characters different from logos that helps them to stand out. Ajisai and Keyaki have got to be the most otaku-looking I have ever seen and for a police station at that. Only in Japan! More info about the 2 mascots below.

Ajisai Seyano Introduction

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Nice to meet you! I am Ajisai Seyano. I am at the police affairs section position. If you have any troubles feel free to ask me. I was born in October 1st, and my owl grandfather named me “Ajisai” after the flower of Seya. (Ajisai is hydrangea in Japanese).

  • older sister of twins
  • blandly serious
  • Love sweets

Keyaki Seyano Introduction

Hey! I’m Keyaki Seyano. My owl grandpa named me to become splendid as the great “Keyaki” at Hie Shinto Shrine! ( Keyaki is zelkova in Japanese.) I’m at the traffic section position, speeding or Drink and driving are no way! As soon as, I find it, I will catch you. So be ready!

  • born in October 1st
  • younger brother of twins
  • energetic and cheerful
  • Love spicy food
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Big thanks to TEAMAKIRAJP for tweeting this and then being kind enough to translate the page for me!


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