Best of from 2016

Time continues to move quickly! 2016 has come and gone and I would say it was a good year for me. I managed to achieve a lot in my personal life that has set up 2017 nicely for me. My Best of for 2015 post was quite popular and today I present you the 2016 edition. Completing college, publishing a book, vacation in New York and so much more happened in 2016. Check out my handpicked list of the best posts I made to in 2016. Please continue to support my blog in 2017 and if you are new here say hi on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Giant Feline encountered in sector Ja1-Ma!_KA – In routine mission to explore the unknown regions of space with our allies the Gundam Collective we stumbled upon an uncharted section of the extended outer rim we named Ja1-Ma!_KA. According to my preliminary scans this sector demonstrates similar characteristics as the charted “Planet Cubicle” explored by our allies a few years prior.

Changing look of Jamaipanese dot com over the years – The Internet is a fascinating place. It feels good to know that my tiny blog is part of a larger behemoth that is expanding every second and evolving frequently. This year I am celebrating #jamaipanese1010 years of blogging here at I was curious to see how the design of has changed over the years and surfed into the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine“. This website takes snapshots of webpages over the years so that we can look back at them in the future.

Jamaipanese: 10 Years Blogging – In January 2006 I excitedly conquered a slice of the ever-expanding web. I fenced it around, raised my flag and named it By February 2, 2006, I had made my first post and 10 years later I continue to do it because I enjoy it. A decade is a long time no matter how you look at it and this blog has grown into a reflection of my evolution over the period of its existence.

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New Phone! Samsung Galaxy S7 – I have acquired a new phone after two years of excellent service by my Moto G. The new device a Samsung Galaxy S7 is an awesome phone and after skipping a few iterations of the Samsung Galaxy line (My last Samsung Galaxy being the S4) I must say that I have returned to a vastly improved device and a true flagship.

Summer Chiru – Photos and Highlights – Summer Chiru is a fun summer event put on by the JaCosplayaz in association with the Japan Embassy in Jamaica. The event highlights Japanese culture and history as well as anime, cosplaying, video games and more.

10 known causes of intense Geekgasms – A “geekgasm” can be best described as a fit of intense geek joy; the play on the word orgasm is obvious. The geeks have truly inherited the earth but what are the greatest causes for intense geekgasms? I have a post today that will help!

King of Tokyo Unboxing – King of Tokyo allows 2 to 6 players to play as GigaMonsters or what fans like me of monster movies would call Kaiju. The monsters under the control of the players can attack, heal and evolve as they duke it out for the title of King of Tokyo by amassing victory points or being the last monster standing. The game was created by Richard Garfield who also brought us Magic the Gathering.

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2016 Jamaica – International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day takes place on the third Saturday in September every year.It is the largest one-day volunteer event in the world. This year it was on Saturday, September 17th and I joined forces with the Jamaica JET Alumni Association to do our part in cleaning up Jamaica coastline.

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Undergrad Studies Complete! – I have finished undergrad at University! So on one hand I am very proud and very happy that I have set another goal and seen it through despite the challenges. Anyone who has worked full-time while doing college level courses after work and on weekends should understand where I am coming from.

New York City Vacation 2016 – For most of November and the beginning of December, I enjoyed a wonderful 3-week vacation in New York City. A vacation was needed as it had been many years since I enjoyed one (Last one being when I went to Japan). I had just completed my undergrad degree so I had already been planning (and saving) for months as a treat to myself.

Book: The Jamaipanese Story now available – After many years in the making, my book – The Jamaipanese Story is now published. The book is a condensation of my experiences blogging from starting out to visiting Japan to how my life has been impacted. I am extremely happy to finally have got this project out the gate as it has been stalled, cancelled and reformatted so many times.

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