New Phone acquired! – Samsung Galaxy S4

Three months ago I replaced my aging and broken HTC Legend with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. I loved my HTC Legend but being stuck with Android 2.2 and seeing more and more apps becoming unusable was starting to become a big problem and an upgrade was needed. My Galaxy S4 is that new top-of-the-line phone powered by Android (which I am a big fan of) is from a different manufacturer with more updated Android and additional bells and whistles that illustrates how far smartphones have come in a few short years.

My New Samsung Galaxy S4 when it fresh out of the Box

The screen is easily its best feature

My new phone can tell me the current temperature of wherever I am, has voice controls, gesture controls and can record videos with better quality and clarity than my Kodak Zi8. Its super lightweight with a beautiful (almost) 5 inch screen that makes my tiny HTC Legend scene feel like comparing the screen of a movie theatre to that of my home TV.

Old Faithful – HTC Legend

Metal > Plastic

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a VERY powerful phone but the build quality and hardware design is where is really disappointed me. I LOVE metal phones – HTC spoilt me, so moving back to a plastic phone without the weight and most importantly durability took a lot to get used to. I scratched this new phone up within days of acquiring it as it was so new when I got it that there were not even cases on the market yet. My HTC Legend was a tank, while my Samsung Galaxy S4 is a princess, a not very attractive but very fragile princess with a supercomputer for a brain and more features than a Swiss Army knife from the 22nd century.

Test picture of the sun rising in Ocho Rios

Lots more app related content coming

Overall I like my Samsung Galaxy S4, it has reignited my app addiction so I will be doing a new post about Japanese learning apps (to update/replace the old one) on Android soon, as well as other related app reviews, videos and features here on and my rejuvenated Jamaipanese Youtube Channel (SUBSCRIBE!).

Test picture under controlled lighting conditions

I want to hear from you!

Which phone are you using now? Which Japanese learning apps are your favourite? Any Japan related apps you want to share? Subscribed to my Youtube Channel? Sound off via a comment below of tweet me @Jamaipanese.


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