Anime Nation 2013 Cosplay Contest Highlights

Anime Nation 2013 was held on August 10th 2013 here in Jamaica and was a huge success. Fans of anime, Japanese cultures, video games, music and more came out to Anime Nation and had a great time. The cosplay competition was the highlight of the evening with many attendees choosing to cosplay as their favourite anime/gaming character and compete for prizes courtesy of the Japanese Embassy in Jamaica.

How many of these characters can your recognize?

Anime Nation – Four years strong

Now it is fourth year, Anime Nation gets better and better each year and the costumes on show have also been improving and becoming more intricate and detailed. I really enjoyed the Cosplay competition and seeing so many cosplayers coming out.

Ikkaku Madarame

Video Highlights

I have some ideas on how to improve the event going forward that I will be sharing with organizers going forward and looking forward to Anime Nation 2014! Check out a highlights video I put together below of the cosplay contest at Anime Nation 2013

Jamaipanese the cosplayer?

Also check out a collection of photos I took with my new phone below. I wonder if I should try my hand at cosplaying next year and if yes which character should I choose?!?


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