10 known causes of intense Geekgasms

A “geekgasm” can be best described as a fit of intense geek joy; the play on the word orgasm is obvious. The geeks have truly inherited the earth but what are the greatest causes for intense geekgasms? I have a post today that will help!

Giant Robots

Lets get an obvious one out of the way early… Giant Robots! Gundam, Transformers, Gurren Lagann etc, there is no shortage of anime and movies featuring giant robots. No giant robot is complete without giant weapons and with giant weapons comes giant explosions!


Strong female Characters

Contrary to popular belief not everyone likes the helpless, spineless, always sniveling after the cute guy (*cough* Sakura *cough*) damsel in distress stereotype. Some of us like the females who are not afraid to break out cans of whoop-ass on unsuspecting attackers especially in leading roles. “Starbuck” from Battlestar Galactica and Teressa from Claymore come to mind.


Few things smell better that a freshly unboxed gadget, even fewer things are better than old gadget nostalgia. However combine that with the tinkering with and/or building of gadgets or their accompanying soft parts like Linux, updating firmware or customization and its Christmas whenever we geeks want it.

Gamer girls

She doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous or barbie doll proportioned. Fluffy girl, slim girl, tall girl, short girl, glasses, freckles, nappy haired or goldie locks; all girls who can hold a controller and actually know what buttons to press or is even willing to try gets her hotness amplified by 5*7+5-(-20)/2 percentage points

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Mythical beasts

Which LOTR character is more badass than Gimli, more handsome than Legolas and more memorable than Gandalf? Smaug! What has gone down to as one of the most epic scenes in TV history? Daenerys becoming the mother of dragons! Mythical creatures like gargoles, zombies, unicorns etc often for the subject matter of eloquent discussions and debates among the geek hordes.


Gaming/anime/comic expos

Electronic Entertainment Expo, Comic Con, Tokyo Game Show, Star Wars Celebration these are just a few of the important dates on the calendar of any respectable geek. New video games, cosplay, movie news, collectibles and an opportunity to geek out with other lifeforms with similar interests? Yes please.

Science fiction

Star Wars, Star Trek Battlestar Galactica, super powered beings, end of world scenarios, time travel, alternate realities and radioactive waste giving rise to mutant turtles who love pizza – only one genre can attempt to tend to the needs of the geek mind.

The Internet

The greatest invention by man literally puts the world at your fingertips. With speeds increasing exponentially, high quality wired and wireless signals connecting everything from smartphones to blenders I like to look at how the Internet has grown in the last 15 years and suppress my heart palpitations as I imagine what it will be like 15 years from now.

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If there was one country on earth that could possibly be geek heaven it would be Japan. Japan is much more than the land of manga/anime. Its creative minds belching out various popular characters, products, gadgets and other creations for decades.


Super Heroes

Every geek has got a favourite one (or 10), mine happens to be The Batman because while growing up he is one of the few ones I could actually aspire to be! However super heroes come in various flavours with a myriad of different powers. As long as they are super and they have powers they are cool in almost any geek’s book.

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