New Phone! Samsung Galaxy S7

I have acquired a new phone after two years of excellent service by my Moto G. The new device a Samsung Galaxy S7 is an awesome phone and after skipping a few iterations of the Samsung Galaxy line (My last Samsung Galaxy being the S4) I must say that I have returned to a vastly improved device and a true flagship.


The main things that jump out at me are the premium design, lovely screen, durability and most of all the camera. It’s the best phone camera I have ever used when the lighting is not perfect and head and shoulders above even some standalone cameras in perfect lighting.


The specs understandably are top of the line with a 5.1 inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, 64-bit Octacore processor, a 3000 mAh battery and more sensors that I willing to list here. Samsung always wins the tech wars and its good to experience a change of pace from the budget-priced but very capable Moto G to the expensive but super-powerful and attractive Samsung Galaxy S7.

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In the market for a new phone? The Samsung Galaxy S7 should be considered and comes highly recommended. What model phone are you currently using? Which new phone are your currently eyeing for purchase? Tweet me @Jamaipanese or leave a comment below!