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My Birthday was Friday March 8th (spent part of it at the Japan Festival). I managed to acquire a an awesome birthday gift a couple days before my actual birthday which I have been testing for the past two weeks! My new Moto G replaces my Samsung Galaxy S4 that was tragically lost while traversing Kingston’s public transport system and was unable to be recovered. I had to revert to old faithful (HTC Legend) for a while but now the Moto G is the smartphone boss in town. I promise to not lose this one ok?

The affordable Moto g looks better than and outperforms phones that cost twice as much

The Moto G is a affordable smartphone that outperforms other phones that cost twice as much. Its no HTC One but for US$180 you get a 4.5 inch 720 x 1280 pixels screen, Quad-core 1.2 GHz CPU, Gorilla Glass, 1 GB RAM and the latest version of Android (Kitkat).

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Test Image Gallery

Below are some pictures taken with the Moto G’s camera straight from the phone and unmodified.

Affordable Android SmartphoneΒ 

After a few days of usage I have had no major issues, no lag and it handles all that I have thrown at it so far without any hiccups. The Moto G comes highly recommended from me for persons who want a capable smartphone without sacrificing too much or investing a small fortune. Get the Moto G 8GB or Moto G 16GB version from Amazon for $180 and $200 respectively. Pay attention to the version you are buying, I got the Global GSM – 8GB version which works fine here in Jamaica. I may do a followup post in a couple weeks or months to update on how the Moto G is keeping up.

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My kitten Lynxx is on my lockscreen and wallpaper, so beware her cuteness

Which smartphone are you currently using, what OS, what manufacturer? Like it hate it? looking to upgrade? Tell me all about it in a comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanese

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3 thoughts on “New Phone! Moto G

  1. I love my iPhone 5s and I know ppl like to call me iSheep. But I just like the high standard set. I know I was a samsung man but the galaxy too big to walk up n down with. I have some suggested improvements for the folks at Cupertino though I wonder if they’ll consider them and again reset the bar a cut above

  2. I’m curious to know who gave you such a birthday gift? Its a pretty cool phone and yes I am an android user. I still have my S3 which works pretty fine, no complaints, will upgrade eventually to what I’m not certain…glad I came across your review though Kirk! Thank you for sharing your review!

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