Japan Festival a big hit with Jamaicans

The Japan Festival or Nihon Matsuri held yesterday at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew was well attended by Jamaicans. A rain delay caused the event to start a little late but like true Japanese the organizers ran a tight, well-planned show that was enjoyed by thousands of patrons. Pardon the blurry pics it was a whirlwind of a day (also my birthday), I didn’t get the chance to use my professional camera and had to use my phone!

Me, Myyukata model “wife” for a day (left) and a”family friend” (right)

Yukata Modeling

I attended and participated in a presentation related to the traditional Japanese spring/summer wear – the Yukata. It felt good wearing my Yukata and taking pictures with attendees. When it was my time to go on stage I showed off my wife and two kids I somehow acquired in 2 hours earlier. We made the perfect family kitted out in it Yukatas and the overall presentation was well received.

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After the rained stopped the venue filled up quickly!

Excitement for the Cosplayers

The JaCosplayaz group was also present showing off their costumes in a cosplaying presentation and the crowds especially the young ones went wild. Anime Nation 2014 will held in August 2014 and I can already tell that there will be a big turnout, yours truly will be there… and maybe I will wear a costume this year?

JaCosplayaz drawing the crowds

If you weren’t at the festival you missed a great event, if you attended share your favourite part of the show with me or something you learnt about Japan in a comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanese. Please take the time to also like the Jamaipanese.com Facebook page and subscribe to the Jamaipanese Youtube Channel.

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If I had two swords my imagined samurai life would be complete


7 thoughts on “Japan Festival a big hit with Jamaicans

  1. This was an awesome event and I enjoyed myself with my family. You looked great on stage by the way and you are also very handsome in person Mr. Birthday Man!

  2. Just curious, have you ever considered going for the JET scheme? You can either work with the Japanese government and organise international meetups and such (but proficiency in Japanese is required) or work in schools in Japan as an assistant teacher. With your enthusiasm in Japanese culture it seems right up your alley, I believe but not 100% sure that Jamaicans are eligible for it.

    Anyway enough of my rambling, love your blog!

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