Back in Jamaica after 3 weeks in Japan

On September 4th I left Jamaica and headed towards Japan to fulfill a dream I have had for at least 10 years, that dream was to visit Japan, a country that has for long fascinated me. 21 days later I am back at home in Kingston Jamaica reminiscing on an adventure of a lifetime, an adventure that had me visiting many of Japan’s cities, meeting new friends and learning so much that this trip has changed me for the better as a person. To some it might seem trivial but wanting to, planning to then actually visiting Japan is the biggest personal achievement in my life and it this feeling of achievement that I will I will forever remember and grow addicted to as I apply the same fervor to other aspects of my life such as successfully attending college. This trip to Japan has taught me everything from money management to the dangers of procrastination and has even revealed some of my truest friends who without their support and sacrifice this journey would not have been possible, much less a success, no matter how much money I had.

Learning about myself

I never thought of myself as an emotional kind of guy but like most I too thought that being emotional meant crying, whether for good or bad. The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride of pungent ever changing emotions such as sadness, happiness, joy, anger, nervousness, disappointment and more. I now know so much more about myself as a person and I intent to ride this “high” Japan has left me with forever.
Blogging to an audience
I am a passionate blogger and while there are many things I could improve about my blog there is no denying that through blogging I have met some wonderful people. I have done some things and have so much in the works that will continue move into the right direction and I hope to take my readers along as well as pick up more along the way. Blogging to me is now a lifestyle, a very rewarding one, not just financially but the feeling I get from having my own tiny slice of the world wide web where I can expound on parts of my mind and my every interest is almost therapeutic especially when I have an audience.
Thank you, and look out for what’s to come
Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads and supports especially those who directly contributed or helped in one way or another to make Operation Visit Japan a success. I have a treasure trove of content including over 1500 photographs, 150 video clips and a brain filled with experiences I am itching to share. My readers are a somewhat diversified group from every corner of the globe, from Japan travel veterans, anime buffs, tech geeks, J-drama junkies and everything in-between but I have a special spot in my Japan blogging heart for those who were like me, dreaming of J-land and the wonders within, I hope my Japan trip recap and detailed posts will inspire you, so that you too can experience some of what Japan has to offer.
Thanks again, I love Japan but it feels good to be back in Jamaica, now excuse me while I try catch up with my family, friends and the interwebs on all that has been happening for the last few weeks. Don’t forget to check out the updates I made while in Japan especially update 5 which is like a short preview of whats to come and my Tokyo Game Show 2011 experience.