Jamaipanese in Japan – Quick Update 4

The last few days has been crazy hectic, I have clocked up hundreds of miles traveling to various places such as Nara, Kyoto and Osaka but now I am back in Yokohama with plans to just be lazy today while going through the some of the close to 1000 photos I have taken so far in Japan. At the end of the last update I had been back in Kyoto after exploring Nara the day before (Saturday). So on Sunday I explored Kyoto and made 3 main stops. First I checked out magnificent Nijo Castle, then the beautiful Kinkakuji and finally soothing Ginkakuji. Then I made way back to Nagoya for the night and sped off via bulet train down to Osaka to meet with a American English teacher friend I met via Twitter. She showed me around some great spots in downtown Osaka. After 4 days of almost non-stop walking I was super tired. Then came the long bullet train ride back to Yokohama and that is where I will remain for now.

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3 thoughts on “Jamaipanese in Japan – Quick Update 4

  1. Kyoto is such a beautiful city! :) I’ve only been a couple times, but I think one of the nice things about Kyoto is that it has so much history, I’m sure there’s always new places to see.
    Looking forward to more photos of kansai ;)
    Take care!

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