Jamaipanese in Japan – Quick Update 3

Still less than a week since I have been in Japan and my adventures continue. Since my last update I traveled via the bullet train to Nagoya where I saw the magnificent Nagoya Castle at night and had hitsumabushi for dinner. I spent the night at my Japanese friend’s house and the next morning we left for Kyoto via the bullet train again and had breakfast while waiting, of course the densha otaku (train geek) inside me does carwheels everytime I see, hear or go inside the Shinkansen. We arrived in Kyoto, checked into our hotel and then we were off to Nara which is less than an hour away by train. The 3 main stops were Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple and a Museum showcasing national treasures. While at the Todaiji temple I LOST MY JAPAN RAIL PASS which was found by a student and returned to me – unbelievable details of this coming in a separate blog post and video. Super tired after a long day and lots of walking we returned to Kyoto had okonomiyaki for dinner and retired for some well needed rest and relaxation.

Today is Sunday and it’s all about exploring Kyoto! Thanks for reading and remember to follow me on twitter for updates @Jamaipanese and like my Facebook page! Short video embedded above and a couple photos below.