Tokyo Game Show 2011 – Highlights, Booth Babes, Cosplay and Showfloor

Yet another stop during my visit to Japan is Tokyo Game Show 2011. I attended on the final day and got buried in a sea of lights, gaming, cosplay, crowds, cosplayers and booth babes. I managed to stay lucid enough at different times to grab some video and photos of what I was seeing and experiencing and I have compiled the video below.

My Tokyo Game Show 2011 experience is one of the best days I have spent in Japan during this trip. After years of wishing and hoping I finally made it to a TGS view first hand the cosplayers I have been in awe at and blogging about since 2007. Technically this is also my first convention on this scale without thousands of gamers coming out to see the latest offerings from video game companies.

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Alienware booth babe, um I mean PC anyone?
she looked and posed just like her 2d counterpart
massive booths with lots of lighting everywhere
I want one! Who's going to buy me a Playstation Vita?
top cosplayers from TGS 2011
Morrigan put a spell on me (both the character and the cosplayer)
Who can help me Identify these characters? leave a comment!
Looks really good, but I can't buy a 3DS just for one game
In my eyes Capcom was the star of Tokyo Game Show 2011
wait times to try some games weren't so unbearable

I snapped literally hundreds of photos of almost everything I saw throughout TGS 2011. Some of my favourite shots are above with lots more below, sorry I can’t share all the photos, my camera continues to choke during low lighting conditions but check out a selection of some of the better looking photos ad leave your comments on the photos and video below!



9 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show 2011 – Highlights, Booth Babes, Cosplay and Showfloor

  1. Wow that looks amazing. Cosplay in Japan is so much better than anywhere else I’ve seen it for sure!!! Still cannot believe your in Japan hopefully i’ll get to go there in Jan!!

  2. nice Tokyo Game Show. Very nice. I love the Booth Girls….The Cosplay girls are always soo very sexy, They are the same here in the USA when they have a Anime Convention or Expo. I’m a really big anime, Manga, and japanese culture fan. [japan] [jamaica]

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