Jamaipanese in Japan – Quick Update 1

After almost 20 hours of flying not including airport wait time I am happy to report that I have arrived in Japan safely. The trip to Japan could have hardly been any smoother with no airline or airport trouble with my only customs and immigration delay being at Narita Airport. I don’t intend to be too long with these short updates but rest assured I will be going into detail when I get back to Jamaica, digest it all then regurgitate my adventures in Japan – for your reading/viewing pleasure of course ^_^. For short updates and photos don’t forget to follow me on twitter @Jamaipanese – Short video embedded below

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Still getting used to using a netbook primarily, I miss the power and speed of my desktop already. Also check out some quick snapshots below, more in the coming weeks!


15 thoughts on “Jamaipanese in Japan – Quick Update 1

  1. Man I was hoping to be the first person to comment but my blackberry ruined that! Like i said It’s amazing to see you there, see the pictures of Yokohama station and Japanese food. I can’t even imagine how you must feel right now. I’ve been exactly where you are man and I can’t believe that we spoke about your plans to head to Japan a year ago and it came so quickly. As I said before, all the best, and enjoy!

  2. Dude..DUDE….I’m Jealous ( ._.). Bring me back an Asian or we are no longer pals.

    PS. The food looks off the chain!


  3. Looking good – though it also looks like your having fun with the time difference (you’ll get used to it soon). Can’t wait to see some more posts when you get time.

  4. Just had to send my regards – so glad you made it man! Reminds me of my first trip to Japan. It was really surreal, as I’m sure it is for you right now as well. Enjoy! Don’t sleep! Take it all in!

  5. I’m so excited you made it there! You look tired a little in the video but I’m sure your excitement level is helping you stay alive! Gonna check the rest of your posts in the next couple days. Have a blast!! [jamaica]

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