Giant Feline encountered in sector Ja1-Ma!_KA

In routine mission to explore the unknown regions of space with our allies the Gundam Collective we stumbled upon an uncharted section of the extended outer rim we named Ja1-Ma!_KA. According to my preliminary scans this sector demonstrates similar characteristics as the charted “Planet Cubicle” explored by our allies a few years prior.


Agility and Skill

After landing in a permacrete structure encountered a giant feline beast, who, at first seemed a threat. We resisted the urge to open fire as the creature had closed the gap with such agility and skill we could have been destroyed even before realizing there was a presence watching us.


We remained silent as the creature seemed to inquisitively investigate our presence as it sniffed around us, its giant nostrils momentarily disturbing the de-pressurization sensors in my cockpit. It was at this point I closed my eyes fearing that with one fell swoop of its earth shaking paws I would have perished on my 19th exploration mission for the Empire.

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Whiskers meet armour

It was then a transmission came though to the pilot of the Gundam Astraea Type-F which seemed to startle the creature, its whiskers producing a near-unbearable sound as it passed across my colleague’s gundanium alloy armour.


I closed my eyes and instinctively started the launch sequence for my First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter; the computers beeped giving me the all clear to launch.


I peered around to see a final glimpse of the creature as disappeared into the distance towards a large lake. I breathed a sigh of relief as I remembered the dismembered remains of Chibi Gundam Exia who fell to an opponent named cHiLd.

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Code-name assigned

I have hereby chosen to assign the giant feline the code name LYNXX, I will endeavor to return to provide intelligence to the science bureau as we learn about more uncharted lands for the glory of the Empire.



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