Summer Chiru – Photos and Highlights

Summer Chiru is a fun summer event put on by the JaCosplayaz in association with the Japan Embassy in Jamaica. The event highlights Japanese culture and history as well as anime, cosplaying, video games and more.


In many ways its the spiritual successor to Anime Nation – another local event by the same organizers that was more focused on anime and cosplaying.


Japan, Music, Cosplaying and Art

Summer Chiru was held at the Mona Visitor’s Lodge on the campus of the University of the West Indies and featured booths, displays and performances by Maroon Black, JaManga, The Sky is broken and more.

There was also a Street fighter V tournament hosted by Clan Pro Circuit and the launch the game Shiny Gauntlet by local Indie Game Studio Sprite Wench.


Pumped full of painkillers

I actually a wisdom tooth removed a couple hours before the start of the event but was still on hand to display my figures and enjoy the event while pumped up on painkillers.

Did you attend Summer Chiru?

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