Changing look of Jamaipanese dot com over the years

The Internet is a fascinating place. It feels good to know that my tiny blog is part of a larger behemoth that is expanding every second and evolving frequently. This year I am celebrating #jamaipanese1010 years of blogging here at I was curious to see how the design of has changed over the years and surfed into the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine“. This website takes snapshots of webpages over the years so that we can look back at them in the future.

How cool is that? I hurriedly typed in and unexpectedly boarded an emotional ride through the history of the design and content of my blog. Check out the video above and a few of the screenshots below with links.

2006-may-jamaipanese blog design in May 2006 – blogging about E3 2006, The Nintendo Wii and Japanese language classes
2008-july-jamaipanese blog design in July 2008 – blogging about computer generated girls and a trip to the United States
2010-october-jamaipanese blog design in October 2010 – blogging about my HTC legend – I loved that phoneΒ 
2011-october-jamaipanese blog design in October 2011 – blogging about my recent trip to Japan

Check out some of the older designs of your own favourite websites and leave a comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanese on Twitter. Keep in touch for more #jamaipanese10 posts!


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