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Jamaipanese.com is starting to feel like a child of mine, a child that was brought into the world 4 short years ago but has grown so fast you can’t believe. It is by no means the biggest and best out there but I am quite proud of it and has put a lot of work into it over the years. I decided to get me a pack of business cards to help promote my blog and I thought I’d share a couple pictures of them with you.

Jamaipanese.com business cards featuring pictures of my Gundam Figures

I decided to get business cards done because it was becoming increasingly difficult to tell persons I know or met at events like the Japanese Calendar Exhibition, Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup and Anime Nation Costume Rave about my blog and what it is about. With the cards now though it is so much easier share my site with new people especially when I don’t know them ^_^. The cards where designed and ordered through Moo.com using images that I had taken for my blog posts about my anime figure collection (mostly Gundams). I also mixed in some favourite scenic shots of Jamaica I took like that awesome waterfall in Portland and a view of the pier and Kingston Harbour in Port Royal.

Even some of my gunpla that I am not too fond of like GN Archer and Cherudim came out well on the cards but the real stars (and my favourites) were of my Chibi Astray Goldframe, my girlfriend’s Nagi Nendoroid and my Yoko Littner who were all “professionally” photographed in my lighting studio. One side of the cards has an image while the other has my blog and contact information. Pokens were supposed to revolutionize how we share social information and make business cards obsolete and I still have the one I won about a year ago, but being the only poken owner on the island doesn’t give me many chances to use it ^_^.

More on Jamaipanese.com:  Nicola Williams: Sharing the Japan Experience
my poken makes a nice desk ornament and photo companion ^_^

Want a discount Coupon?

I have 2 discount coupons, I got when I ordered a sample of the business cards and another from when I ordered a pack of 50 business cards I have photographed above.

  • Get 15% off your first pack of 50 business cards.
  • Get 10% off your next entire order of postcards.

Check out the Moo.com website for more information about the business cards and the postcards then leave an “interesting” comment telling me why you should receive the coupon for either of them. They ship worldwide and are very reliable. TheΒ  2 most interesting comments will win.


14 thoughts on “Jamaipanese.com Business Cards

  1. Those look top dude! I’m in the process of designing some, mainly for my Web business but might get some personal ones made in the hopes I meet some other J-bloggers one day :)

    I have the Panda Poken too, good taste sir!

  2. Love the designs! I’ve been making my own business cards as well, but I want to improve on the current design, kind of like yours–but I do not have the resources (as in a state-of-the-art commercial printer) to make them. ^^

  3. This is a great idea bro. This is what I should have done before coming to this event in Montego Bay. Kudos to you on this. I better get cracking on mine. [jamaica]

  4. I was wondering how many people use pokens nowadays. But i guess you just answered my question. Where do you live though? I’m trying to find out if it has more users in the US or Asia.

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