Unicorn Gundam arrives in Tokyo’s Odaiba waterfront district

Its hard to believe that the life-sized RX-78 Gundam started to be built in Odaiba, Tokyo and was eventually completed 8 years ago. It stood for a while and was even upgraded with a light-saber and returning briefly for charity and seeing a counterfeit cousin setup in China. However, there is a new 19.7-meter TRANSFORMING Gundam in town – The Unicorn Gundam.

“I know that many people were waiting so long for this day to arrive. I was one of them,” Toshinobu Maeda, managing director of Tokyo Port Terminal Corp., which is in charge of the project, said at the media preview Saturday evening.

“The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are coming up in three years, and the waterfront area has been chosen as one of the sites for the games,” he said. “I expect this Unicorn Gundam . . . to become the source of further revitalization for the waterfront area.”

I own a Unicorn Gundam figure and loved the anime. I now live in Japan (albeit quite the distance from Tokyo) but you best believe a pilgrimage to this glorious statue is on the cards and when I do you will hear from screams anywhere you are in the world. Stay turned for my visit. If Japan’s engineers can make such a contraption can you imagine if they “really” tried to make a weaponized robot?

via – Japan Times

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