Disassembled Life-Size Gundam Statue Returning to Tokyo for Charity

More than two years after making it’s debut the life-size Gundam is returning to Tokyo, well at least pieces of it are. It wowed crowds as they flocked it when it was revealed in Shiokaze Park in Odaiba and got a beam saber upgrade for it’s Shizuoka debut but now it will be displayed in parts in Odaiba to raise funds for charities that help the those affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

From August 13 to August 21 visitors can pay 500 yen to see parts of the Gundam such as its head and arm. Preschoolers are free as Odaiba is expected to come alive again with food and other attractions available. Personally it sucks that it will only be displayed for such a short period of time, initially I got excited when I thought it would be on display when I was in Japan come the first week of September, but alas the Gundam lover in me is disappointed again, or could there be an extension of the dates it will be displayed? *fingers crossed*

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