Total War Shogun 2 – Review

I am shadow of the kind of gamer used to be, these days I mostly play FIFA 11 and casual games like Angry Birds. However, every now and again I run into a game that grabs my interest enough that no matter how I get busy with work, school are the zillions of things I juggle in life I have to make some time to play it and Total War: Shogun 2 for the PC is one of those games. I have been playing it on and off since Easter and it is addictive but enjoyable whenever I play it so as promised when I first blogged about it, here is a review (more like overview) of the game that details why I love playing it.

16th-century Japan

Total War Shogun 2 is turn based strategy game set in 16th-century Japan just after the happnings of the ÅŒnin War. Japan is sliced up into small pockets and ruled over by competing warlords who are all looking to unite Japan by defeating the others. Each Warlord has special traits that the player can use to their advantage such as better swordsmen or economy. The tutorial does a good job of explaining the mechanics of the game and allowed me to brush up on my Total War skills and should offer newbies to the Total war style of games to get the basics.

The game combines turn-based game-play in an over-world view with real time strategy elements for battles. Understanding who to be friends with, where to strike and when is something players need to master as indiscrimately attacking everything and everyone in sight is a sure way to an early grave. Choose you battles, try not to fight on too many fronts and watch out for the sneaker AI in campaign mode who often tried to sneak behind my defenses and take out softer targets.

Best and worst of Shogun 2

Naval battles I believe are the weak point of this game as I find them rather boring. It was more a game of chance for me when it came to battles at sea as I just tried to ensure I have more ships that the opponent and use the auto ressolve function rather that fight out sea battles. The presentation of the game is top notch – the menus and especially the music adds to to the 16th-century Japan feeling of the game. While it battle the music matches the mood of the fights and the sound effects and views of the individual soldiers is excellent ear and eye candy for those like me who like to look for the details. This game will rock the socks off fans of Japanese history especially if you like playing strategy games.