Unicorn Gundam finally complete – some quick shots

After 10 months on on and off building I have finally completed building my 1/100 scale Unicorn Gundam. I have been tweeting progress shots for what seemed like an eternity as this model takes the prize as the most complicated Gundam kit I have every completed. The model was sponsored by Hobby Search Japan and I was warned about just how hard this kit would be to build but I was high on the Unicorn Gundam anime, fell in love with the kit and disregarded their advice.

My model building powers are still very underdeveloped but I am still happy I managed to complete the kit. The kit, just like the real Unicorn Gundam has the ability to transform into “Destroy Mode” but to be honest it it such a pain in the ass to do I am positive that my kit will remain in regular Unicorn most if not all the time. I made a video way back before starting to built it that you can watch here. I took some quick shots of the completed kit after completing it yesterday. Please excuse the crappy poses, rough edges  and background. I will do some more professional looking shots and poses in the coming weeks.

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